3 Ways to boost the effectiveness of your Hiring Process

hiring process

3 Ways to boost the effectiveness of your Hiring Process

hiring processFor businesses running in today’s fast-paced environment, ‘fast’ is not enough. Businesses should avoid any degree of error as much as possible in any decision they make, especially for hiring decisions. And these three latest technologies can boost the effectiveness of your companies’  hiring process.

1. Leverage ATS

The Applicant Tracking System or ATS is a software that automatically filters candidates’ resumes. Many job platforms today have adopted ATS. Once applicants send their resume to the platforms, the system will automatically filter the resumes based on the job requirements stated by the employers. ATS is very helpful to sort out hundreds of applicants.

2. Automated verification

Background screening is a crucial part of the hiring process. If an employer is missing out on this part, the result may be a costly bad hire. While background check is crucial, it is also exhausting and a highly paper-based process if it is done manually. Therefore, automation is very helpful to streamline the crucial parts of the process and reduce the use of paper. Automation allows the repetitive tasks of the verification process, such as, adverse media report research as well as identifying criminal records and politically exposed persons (PEP) to run automatically.

3. API

The Application Program Interface or API enables interactions between data and devices. The API allows for the integration between the employers’ HR information systems and the vendors’ automated screening systems. While vendors conduct automated verification on candidates, employers can view the process and obtain results from their HR information system.

Aside from embracing these technologies, it is important that your company chooses the right third party to help you with your screening process. Why work with a third party?  The experiences from professional screening third parties’ have enabled them to have an extensive network of additional references to validate the information. They also have good communication skills that are useful for retrieving information.

Integrity has more than seventeen years of experience in providing compliance services, one of which is background screening – pre-employment and continuous screening. Our screening is carried out through Prisma, our proprietary screening platform that can be integrated with our client’s HR information systems. If you are ready to take your hiring process to the next level, contact us today!

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