Quality Policy


Our Quality Policy contributes to our aim of becoming the leading provider of corporate risk prevention, detection and investigation services in our geographical scope. Our company prides itself on long term purposeful and professional relationships with our clients. This is achieved and maintained through a commitment to client satisfaction through the highest standards of professional services across all services.

Our company is commited to delivering products and services with the highest Quality Standards by providing types and level of services that are suitable with client requirements and to continually assess its level of service in order to improve when needed.

Our management is commited :

  • to develop and improve by implementing a quality management system
  • to ensure implementation of a risk-based management system
  • to ensure our company complies with and is driven by the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and ISO 37001 Anti Bribery Management System
  • to maintain confidentiality by implementing a secure information management system

Quality improvement and operational objectives are regularly established, reviewed and communicated to all levels in the organization. The setting and fulfilment of these objectives is managed by Assistant Managers, Heads of Department, Heads of Divisions and Managing Director.

This quality policy is socialized to all personnel through email communication as well as briefings or training sessions in order to ensure that our quality policy is understood by all personnel of the company.

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