Is Pre-employment Screening Enough to Prevent Fraud?


Is Pre-employment Screening Enough to Prevent Fraud?

employment background screeningPre-employment screening is an important step in the recruitment process, but do you know that regular screening needs to be done during the employment period?

Employees are an extension of the company, which is why companies need to know more about their employees. Infinity screening or post hire-screening is background investigation conducted periodically during the employment period. This screening is necessary to safeguard companies and employees also to minimize the possible impact of negative employee actions. It could be that during the period of the employment, the employee might loses professional licenses or engages in criminal acts unknown to the company that could harm companies and other employees in terms of cost and productivity.

Based on the results of the National Institute for Prevention of Workplace Violence study, there were many companies who assume that candidates who passed the pre-employment background screening and hired will forever be good employees. This assumption is then broken by the fact that 64% of fraud / fraud incidents (e.g, embezzlement, identity theft, data theft, corporate spying, violence, etc.) are committed by employees.

Just like pre-employment screening, companies needed employees to sign a consent letter prior to conducting a post hire-screening. Technically, it would be better if the company let the employees know that they will go through post-screening periodically from the start of their employment. It is also helpful that the company to provide an understanding to employees that post hire-screening is one of the efforts to ensure employee safety and security in the work environment. That way, employees may have better understanding that this kind of screening is a common practice in the company.




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