Whistleblowing System

Whistleblowing System

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Security, Anonymity, and Confidentiality

The Canary Whistleblowing System allows the whistleblower to report their concerns safely. Whistleblowers are given several options of confidentiality and are provided a secure inbox if required. The whistleblowers have a secure and private workspace that enables the users to track their reports and tasks. They can see the status of each case in real-time and the action that might be required.

Wide choice of whistleblowing channels and languages

The Canary Whistleblowing System provides whistleblowers with various reporting channels linked to its core web application: Canary Whistleblowing System provides a wide array of languages to fit your targeted geographical area or population.

Canary 2.0-08

7 Channels Available

Secured Website Form

Text Message


Postage Mail

Mobile App


Online Chat

Case Management System

Our clients benefit from a pipeline to manage their cases as well a dashboard with statistics, current tasks, and cases. The Case Management System allows the clients to perform actions such as acquiring more information, archiving cases, or even transmitting the case to another department.

For more information on our whistleblowing hotline, please contact us or click : www.canary-whistleblowing.com

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