Purchase decision of counterfeit items is 10% influenced by social media endorsement

counterfeit items influencers social media

Purchase decision of counterfeit items is 10% influenced by social media endorsement

counterfeit product influencerE-commerce platforms being swamped by counterfeit items is not news. However, it is another thing that fake items are reaching a greater market because of endorsement by social media influencers.

According to the latest survey, social media endorsements have a 10 percent impact on customers’ decision to purchase counterfeit items, with fashion, accessories, jewelry, and beauty products being the most popular product categories.

Influencers in distribution of counterfeit items

In today’s digital age, an influencer is defined as a social media user whose content has an effect on the online and offline behavior of tens of thousands or millions of followers. This unique connection and trust between influencers and their followers has prompted businesses to employ influencers as a marketing medium.

Influencers’ narrative on their digital platforms is expected to make businesses sound more human-like when compared to the message delivered by other marketing tools, such as flyers, brochures, articles, etc. Consumers who have gravitated to digital platforms will be more receptive to a more humanitarian message. At the end of the day, companies want to inspire trust, awareness, and loyalty among their target audiences.

Unfortunately, this marketing strategy has unquestionably attracted the distribution of counterfeit items as a result of its effectiveness. Both big and micro-influencers are involved in the promotion of counterfeit goods.

Last year, top-tier influencers were found endorsing fake Apple AirPods, according to a report. The power of influencers is undeniable. According to the study, of 10% responders, 7% are those who are aware the products are counterfeit and over 3% are deceived responders. Despite the fact that some consumers don’t give a second thought to purchasing counterfeit goods, their trade absolutely has a negative impact on brands.

What brand owners must do

Most social media platforms are aware of this situation and have set up online mechanisms for parties who want to report an account or product to do so. In the event that an online form is filled out, the social media will perform further investigation. Reporting a fake product isn’t something that everyone can do, of course.

To show that an item is counterfeit, the reporter must have a thorough understanding of the product and the trademark associated with it. The counterfeit product will be removed from the site after the report is accepted, checked and approved. Takedown initiatives on social media indicate their willingness to combat counterfeit items and enhance awareness of counterfeit products’ presence on the platform.

Even after the takedown, brand owners still need to continuously monitor various platforms to ensure that infringed products are not being marketed and offered again.

Integrity Asia has been working with global social media platforms to take down counterfeit products on the internet. We are ready to help brand owners protect their brand identity and reputation by fighting the infringement of their products. Apart from conducting the takedown of counterfeit products on online channels, we are experienced in the continuous monitoring of online channels to detect and identify whether the infringing products are re-offered using a different account or channel.

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