Doctors with fake diplomas are rife

fake diplomas

Doctors with fake diplomas are rife

fake diplomas

Forty-two individuals have been arrested for allegedly presenting false postgraduate credentials and fake diplomas to get a license to practice medicine in India. They applied for a license to operate as a specialist by submitting the diplomas to Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC).

However, once the council verified their certificates, it was discovered that their names were not on the list of students at the institution where they claimed to have graduated from. The bogus postgraduate diplomas of general surgery, cardiology, and gynecology were submitted.

One of 20 Documents is Fake

Cases of quack doctors have also been reported in other countries, including Malaysia. According to The Star, a corporate fraud investigation bureau found that one out of every 20 job applicants has bogus qualifications, and one out of every 10 has credentials from an unaccredited educational school. Doctors with forged credentials were also discovered by the agency.

In Indonesia, there was a case of a quack doctor who had practiced for up to 15 years in a renowned state-owned company. The company verified employee data for a major update of their database, which led to the discovery of this case.

The quack doctor’s diploma number was discovered to be invalid throughout the verification process. He was not recognized as a graduate and had never registered as a student of medical education at the university mentioned on the diploma, according to the university.

Need Comprehensive Method to Fight

In addition to tarnishing the reputation of the institutions that were profited for fake diplomas, the mass distribution of fake diploma certificates, particularly for professions requiring special skills and expertise, such as doctors, has the potential to endanger the safety of others. The cases above have taught us that it is critical for companies to verify the certificates of their potential workers.

Education Verification, a one-stop verification platform, ensures that all practitioners have valid educational qualifications. Through the one-stop verification platform, the document verification process will be more efficient in terms of time and resources. In the platform, the name of the verifier is recorded in the system, which maintains accountability in the verification process. Moreover, the verification is done in a two-step process: verification by the academic staff and confirmation by a supervisor, which promotes a check-and-balance process. All results can be accounted for and are guaranteed to be accurate.


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