Corruption, the Most Common Fraud in Indonesia

corruption in indonesia

Corruption, the Most Common Fraud in Indonesia

Fraud takes various forms; misuse of assets, bribery, embezzlement, collusion, falsification of financial reports, corruption, and others. It is a latent danger that can threaten an organization’s economy, even a country’s. The 2019 Indonesian Fraud Survey report published by ACFE Indonesia shows that corruption is the most common fraud in Indonesia, as it makes up 69.9% of the total surveyed cases, and the costliest, with a total loss of more than 373 billion rupiah.

This survey was conducted by using distributing online and printed questionnaires to respondents – members and non-members of ACFE who have experience as fraud investigators or observers in Indonesia.

In general, the government is the party most disadvantaged by fraud. Based on the survey results, BUMN (31.8%) was the institution that suffered the most losses. This is followed by private companies (15.1%), non-profit organizations (2.9%), and others (1.7%).

Additionally, according to the report, the government was the party that suffered the most losses of more than 10 billion rupiah. Meanwhile, private companies have suffered losses of between 500 million and 1 billion rupiah. The results of this survey are a warning, especially for private companies, due to the potential of tremendous amounts of losses. Companies need to implement internal controls as an effort to prevent and overcome fraud.

The whistleblowing system is called the most effective fraud prevention method, as long as it goes hand in hand with the company’s anti-fraud policy. This synergy is important to provide a sense of security for potential whistleblowers in reporting fraud findings.

Integrity Indonesia as a company engaged in compliance for more than a decade has earned the trust of clients in providing a whistleblowing system. Through the Canary Whistleblowing System, Integrity Indonesia presents a combination of several reporting channels that are centralized on the website application, thereby increasing the accessibility of our clients to reports, while still ensuring the anonymity of reporters.

While empowering employees is essential in the success of a whistleblowing system, it is also challenging. Therefore, we also assist our clients in educating their employees by conducting trainings. Contact us for more information about the Canary Whistleblowing System.



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