6 Credential documents that a potential employee can falsify

credential documents

6 Credential documents that a potential employee can falsify

credential documents

The fake diploma is a rampant crime that occurs frequently. One by one, cases are being exposed, although many remain undisclosed.

Like a well-established ecosystem, fraudulent diploma transactions continue to emerge. Numerous providers of fake diploma services, commonly known as “diploma mills,” have emerged due to high market demand.

Buyers of fake diploma services are willing to spend a substantial amount of money to obtain these counterfeit certificates. In one case of fake diploma in the United Kingdom from 2013-2014, a user of fake diploma services was willing to spend around £500,000 to acquire a bogus degree!

The majority of fake diplomas are used to secure positions or jobs in an easy way. Therefore, it is the responsibility of authorities to selectively screen their candidates for employment, particularly for executive positions, both in the private and government sectors.

 Other documents are also subject to forgery

Diplomas are just one of the many credentials that candidates for employment can potentially forge. So, what are the other documents? Here are some of them:

  • Certificates of competence
  • Employment letters
  • Health documents (health resumes, sick notes, drug-free certificates, etc.)
  • Credit reports
  • Police clearance certificates

Hiring candidates with fake documents exposes companies to serious risks, such as asset theft, corruption, and other deviant behaviors that lead to reputational and financial losses. Therefore, to mitigate these risks, companies need to conduct background checks before making decisions to hire selected candidates.

The importance of background checking

Integrity Indonesia has been trusted by clients from various industries as a provider of mitigation services, including Employment Background Screening. To verify candidates’ claims, our screening team evaluates the validity of the information provided in the curriculum vitae and other supporting documents by conducting background checks.

Our screening process is conducted through Prisma, a screening software application that we have developed, integrated with clients’ HR information systems. Contact us today for more detailed information about our Employment Background Screening service.





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