Social media as a screening tool

social media media sosial

Social media as a screening tool

social media media sosialWe are currently living in the 21st century where social media has continuously gained tremendous popularity for the last 10 years. This, in turn, has played an integral part in affecting most people’s mindset and way of life.

From the employers’ perspective, they have noticed that the best practices in employment screening are changing. They not only conduct employment, reference, and education checks but as well as comprehensive background checks. As we continue to live in a technologically advanced era, social media can be used as an initial background screening for candidates in order to determine whether or not they are fit for employment.

Social media outlets not only focus on personal habits but highlight behaviors that could raise serious concerns at the workplace. Through the online profiles of the candidates, recruiters may be able to determine if a candidate is involved in any radical organization, that discriminates on race, religion, gender, etc.

Social media screening prevents problematic new hires, which can uphold and further promote positive relationships among co-workers in the long run.

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