4 Reasons Your Company Urgently Needs To Implement Post-employment Screening

Post-employment Screening

4 Reasons Your Company Urgently Needs To Implement Post-employment Screening

Employees are the lifeblood of any company. Therefore, the company’s reputation depends on its employees. Good employees are recruited with proper procedures that are actually carried out by conducting the pre-employment screening. However, it turns out that pre-employment screening is not enough.

Based on the results of the National Institute for Prevention of Workplace Violence study, there were many companies who assumed that candidates who passed the pre-employment background screening and hired will forever be good employees. This assumption is then broken by the fact that 64% of fraud/fraud incidents (e.g, embezzlement, identity theft, data theft, corporate spying, violence, etc.) are committed by employees.

Here are four reasons the company needs to do a post-employment screening:

  1. Higher the position, greater the risk

Higher position means greater responsibility. Thus, results are at a greater risk. Conducting post-employment screening on employees who will be promoted, helps companies reduce risk and ensure a safer work environment.

  1. To support internal investigations

Even though an employee has a clean background checking when recruited, anything can happen in future comings. Some companies make policies for conducting annual post-employment screening for all employees, some other stating that only employee who is under internal investigation who will be screened.

  1. To reduce the risk of negligent recruitment

Even though the company has screened the candidate during the recruitment process, there is still the risk of negligent recruitment. The negligence occurs when recruiters have screened the candidates and found a harmful tendency, yet still hired them.

  1. To maintain reputation and quality of service

Public service companies, such as airlines, usually implement periodic post-employment screening policies to maintain the company’s reputation and public security and comfort.







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