5 Benefits of Employee Recruitment Through Social Media

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5 Benefits of Employee Recruitment Through Social Media

Social media platforms are no longer a gimmick, but essential channels in recruitment. Through social media, a company can promote vacancy and culture. Below are five advantages of recruiting through social media.


1. Finding prospective passive candidates

Social media outlets, such as LinkedIn, is a great channel in making contact with prospective passive candidates. Passive candidates are the ones who are still actively working in a company and usually contribute well.


2. Finding talented and passionate candidates

Many people use social media to show that they love their careers and jobs. This is where recruiters can potentially find such candidates and their creative work and ideas by seeing their posts.


3. Get resume in advance

Through LinkedIn, recruiters can see the work experience and education history of the candidate. That way, the recruiters at least already know if the candidate has the experience before making a contact.


4. Find candidates that match the company culture

Social media allow recruiters to learn about one’s hobbies and even personalities. Recruiters not only have the potential to find skilled candidates, but also those who fit the company’s culture.


5. Filtering bad candidates

Some people behave badly on social media. Recruiters can get a picture if a potential candidate is behaving badly by learning what he/she shares on her social media accounts.


However, before making a decision to interview candidates, recruiters are urgently needed to verify information or data obtained from social media by conducting a background check. To conduct an effective background check, it is suggested to hire third-party professional recruiters.







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