6 Lies on Resume You Might Discover By Conducting Employment Verification

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6 Lies on Resume You Might Discover By Conducting Employment Verification

Competition to get a job is so fierce that applicants vying with each other use various efforts, including ‘dressing’ their resume. According to CareerBuilder survey data, 58% of recruitment managers say they find lies on resume applicants.

Wrong employee recruitment can be a greater cost burden for companies than the recruitment process itself. Therefore, companies need to conduct pre-employment background check, especially related to candidates’ employment in previous companies. What needs to be verified?


  1. The starting and ending dates work. Applicants may well-cover the time in which they are not working and the reason can be a very important for the company to consider before deciding.
  2. Title. Often, applicants overstate previous titles in order to get a better position and make fit with the job’s requirements.
  3. Salary. In order to get a much higher salary offer in the new office, candidates ‘make up’ the amount of salary in the previous office.
  4. Job description. Understanding the candidate’s daily responsibilities provides an overview of the candidate’s work experience.
  5. Reason of resignation. Some candidates left their previous job with a good impression, but others may have not.
  6. Credential check. This is not only to verify the credentials that the applicant claims in the resume, but also to ensure that the applicant has a good reputation.


The recruitment officer in your company may just need to pick up the phone and contact the previous companies of the candidate. However, this process will certainly take time and may not necessarily provide the expected information. We recommend that the company cooperate with a credible and experienced third party in conducting pre-employment background checks.







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