SwissCham joins hands with DJKI to strengthen brand protection collaboration


SwissCham joins hands with DJKI to strengthen brand protection collaboration

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Globalization has expanded opportunities in the commercial world thanks to increasingly popular online shopping platforms. In consequence, there has been a surge in opportunities for counterfeit brands and commercial products to emerge. To protect existing brands, many parties need to come together with a single goal, not just policyholders, but also other entities—including the business community and the general public. 

SwissCham, the Swiss-Indonesia Chamber of Commerce, together with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DJKI), held a discussion titled “Value of Innovation: Protecting IP of Lifesaving and Lifestyle Investment in the Era of Globalization”. 

The event took place on Tuesday, 19 September 2023 in the DG Immigration Building’s Oemar Seno Adji Hall, Jakarta. As a member of SwissCham and as Integrity Indonesia’s representative, Mr. Edouard Helfand, was chosen as the event’s moderator.

Representatives from various agencies attended the event, including DJKI and The Indonesian Food and Drug Authority (BPOM), independent organizations, as well as several member companies of SwissCham.

The opening session began with remarks from the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Switzerland, Mr. Philippe Strub, followed by a representative of SwissCham and Head of the Ease of Doing Business Sectoral Group, Mr. Khalid Ibrahim, and finally a keynote speech from Mr. Anom Wibowo, the Director of Investigation and Dispute Resolution of DJKI.

Mr. Philippe Strub reminded how intellectual property protection was important in the context of innovation. Mr. Khalid Ibrahim emphasized the commitment of Swisscham to working with the Intellectual Property task force to protect Indonesian consumers from counterfeit and pirated products. 

Similarly, Mr. Anom Wibowo stated that DJKI has shown a high commitment to protecting Indonesia’s intellectual property by forming the National IP Task Force, initially consisting of five agencies in 2021; the DGIP,  The Indonesian police, Customs, BPOM, and the Ministry of Communication and Information. Five additional agencies joined subsequently including the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Education and Culture, the General Attorney Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Health.”

The event continued with a discussion session on intellectual property protection. Three main speakers took part in the discussion: representatives from the Indonesian Food and Drug Authority (BPOM), Novartis, and Nestle, engaging with many participants of the event.  

This event became a forum for constructive dialog between the government, business actors, and experts. These dialogues are expected to strengthen the collaboration of the private sector and the public sector to protect all stakeholders from the dangers of counterfeits.  

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