INTA 2023 Annual Meeting in Singapore: A momentum for Integrity Asia to seize new opportunities in the IP forum

INTA 2023 annual meeting

INTA 2023 Annual Meeting in Singapore: A momentum for Integrity Asia to seize new opportunities in the IP forum

INTA 2023 annual meetingThousands of participants, including global leaders, businesses, and Intellectual Property (IP) legal experts, attended the annual International Trademark Association (INTA) meeting in Singapore from 16 to 20 May 2023. The world’s largest IP event commenced with a welcoming speech by Jomarie Fredericks, the President of INTA.

The event held at the Sands Expo & Convention Center, featured a diverse range of engaging activities. It included pivotal meetings, interactive workshops, concise yet impactful keynotes, and valuable networking opportunities for attendees. The workshops and capsule keynotes explored trending IP-related issues, such as the convergence of IP and the metaverse, recent brand dispute cases, and forthcoming regulatory discussions.

During the event, there was also an INTA First Time Attendee session, which was a special session for participants who were joining the event for the first time. This session also featured multiple speakers and quizzes with attractive rewards. A representative from Integrity Asia managed to become one of the winners.

This annual event serves as a venue for participants to expand their professional network. Integrity Asia also introduced risk management services covering prevention, detection, and mitigation, which were met with great enthusiasm by the participants.

The intriguing aspect is that many of the participants found the innovative Intellectual Property (IP) investigation service offered by Integrity Asia. While they had a basic understanding of the role of a private investigator, they were unaware that investigative skills could also be applied in the realm of intellectual property.

With such valuable insights, it is undeniable that stakeholders in the intellectual property (IP) industry are increasingly recognizing the potential of this service as a valuable support in resolving court cases. This includes conducting field testing, gathering evidence, and presenting factual witnesses in the courtroom

On the last day of the annual meeting, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy food and entertainment at Universal Studios Singapore. Overall, this offline event, which returned after the Covid-19 pandemic, made a lasting impression on each participant and provided a significant opportunity for them to develop comprehensive multilateral intellectual property protection programs.


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