Planting Mangroves for a Better Future


Planting Mangroves for a Better Future

mangrovesAs a series of activities to commemorate the company’s 21st birthday, Integrity Asia held a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program by planting mangroves in cooperation with the Mangrove Jakarta Community. This program has also become the company’s end-of-year activity in 2022.

Attended by Integrity Asia personnel, the CSR program with the theme “Planting Mangroves for a Better Future” was held in Ekowisata PIK North Jakarta, Indonesia.

In his opening speech, Mr. Edouard Helfand, the Managing Director of Integrity Asia, said that planting mangroves is one of the ways to “save” Jakarta. PT Integrity Indonesia, as a private company, takes part in the responsibility of environmental sustainability.

Mangrove forests are essential to the environment because they help in stabilizing Jakarta’s coastline ecosystem and preventing erosion. According to the data, every year, the sea level around Jakarta rises up by about 0.43 centimeters. We can reduce those effects by planting mangroves as a natural fortress.

Mangrove forests also act as ecosystems and habitats for wildlife that live in them. In addition, the results of mangrove plants can also be used to improve the economy of the local population and also as a recreational venue.

The planting session began with a mangrove symbol hand-over between Mr. Edouard and Ms. Wardah, a representative from the Mangrove Jakarta Community. It was then followed by the main event—mangrove planting. The employees were not afraid of getting their hands (and feet) dirty, directly plunging into the mud and planting the mangrove sprouts.

We hope the sprouts will grow well for decades to come and become our legacy to contribute to saving Jakarta’s coastline.

After the planting session was completed, the event was followed by a feast along the coastline of Jakarta. In the closing speech, Mr.Edouard Helfand said that he was pleased with the activity and expected similar activities to be held next year.

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