Key traits to being a successful investigator

the art of investigation

Key traits to being a successful investigator

the art of investigation investigatorThe Art of Investigation explores what it takes to be a skilled, thorough, and efficient investigator. It digs into more than just the stages and procedures involved in directing an investigation. As the title suggests, it also covers the key traits required to conduct investigations successfully along the way.

The book, which is contributed and edited by professionals who are the best in their fields, consists of fifteen chapters. Each chapter explores how the traits apply to the contributor’s work and experience as an investigator. In doing so, the contributors provide readers with real cases they have handled throughout the course of their lives as investigators.

One of the chapters, for example, contributed by Bill Majeski—an investigator who has been in the field for 50 years—talks about how confidence is an essential attribute to being a great investigator. Another chapter talks about applied creativity in investigations; a chapter contributed by Charles-Eric Gordon, an experienced investigative counsel.

Another contribution by Susan Pickman, a private investigator with 30 years of experience, conveys the importance of integrity while conducting investigations. In the book, she writes about five real cases.
In one case, she was asked to embellish a report to favor a client—a request that she refused. As a takeaway from the case, she said “sometimes the price of upholding one’s integrity can be both fiscally and emotionally challenging”.

This book helps readers assess their own investigative skills and identify any weaknesses they may possess, such as a lack of initiative, in their approaches. Beginner investigators will benefit much from the book.



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