Mystery shopping to measure service standards

mystery shopping

Mystery shopping to measure service standards

mystery shopping

Consistency in compliance with relevant standards, such as SOPs and government regulations, should be a top priority for organizations, particularly those that deal directly with customers. There are cases when employees fail to execute services according to the standards without the company’s knowledge, consequently jeopardizing client satisfaction and the company’s image.

Therefore, organizations need to ensure that each employee, particularly those who interact directly with consumers, and the flow of sales transactions utilized constantly offer services in line with SOPs and other relevant standards. The most efficient approach for a business to maintain this consistency is through a Mystery Shopping Program.

What to expect from mystery shopping

The Mystery Shopping program is a very useful method for reviewing and assessing service quality, employee performance, sales flow, and the level of compliance of all employees with applicable regulations. This activity, as the name implies, is carried out in secret by trained investigators posing as buyers.

Investigators or also known as Mystery shoppers will carry out inspections and assessments from many aspects, as well as analyze the findings obtained in the field. For example, checking how employees welcome customers, employees’ knowledge of the products and services offered, and how employees can help shoppers overcome difficulties when shopping.

Advantages of Mystery Shopping Program

Integrity Asia has over 20 years of experience in the compliance field, including mystery shopping programs, and has been trusted by clients from various industry backgrounds. Unlike other mystery shopping services, ours is only performed by trained investigators spread across cities in three countries (Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia).

Our Mystery Shopping Program has gone through many developments and can be applied to various industries, including the health industry, such as hospital services and retail customers. This program works comprehensively by analyzing not only the service quality but also identifying gaps that allow potential risks of fraud.

As an illustration, an employee serving a mystery shopper was secretly offering him/her a competitor’s product with the lure of a lower price. By doing so, the employee receives commissions from competitors for their sales and harms the company that they work for. 

Without mystery shopping, real risk of fraud like this will be difficult to detect by companies. Following the completion of the risk assessment and identification, the organization can develop a strategic framework to facilitate efforts for improvement. 


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