Vet through your babysitters

vetting background check

Vet through your babysitters

babysitters background check

Do you need someone to babysit your child while you are busy at work? Do not put your child’s safety at risk by hiring the wrong person. This is the importance of conducting a background check on a candidate.

Why do you need babysitters background check?

Have you read news about babysitters abusing children? In 2019, the police department had received 86 reports in Malaysia regarding the abuse of children by irresponsible babysitters. In a case, which occurred in July 2020, there was disturbing news about a five-month-old toddler who was found stuffed inside a freezer compartment at the babysitter’s house. Post-mortem revealed that the toddler died from head injuries due to blunt force trauma.

This is where background screening becomes crucial. Parents need to conduct a thorough investigation on their babysitters to ensure the safety of their children.

This would determine whether a candidate has an adverse background. It would help to prevent any possible abuse or mistreatment of your children. The Head of the Child Investigation Unit, Sexual, Women and Child Investigation Division (D11), Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department, DSP E. Saroja, said that “negligence, hot-temper, irritability, and uncontrollable emotions are among the causes of child abuse cases involving childcare providers.’’ 

How background checks work

There are a few steps you can take to verify that the person you hire to babysit your children is the proper fit. You can hire an agency to conduct the interview with the previous employer on how well the babysitter had worked with the children and conduct a media search on the reputation of the childcare provider company. 

Apart from that, doing a background check to obtain more information on the babysitter is highly recommended. This check would cover ID check, court check, criminal check, and media search. All these would help to determine whether the babysitter lives in a safe environment and whether his/her identity is valid. Media search would help to find adverse information or inappropriate behavior shared on the babysitter’s social media accounts. The court check and criminal check will ensure that the babysitter has no criminal records and is not engaged in any lawsuit that may critically affect his/her moods and emotions. 

All these steps would provide a sense of peace of mind, knowing that your child is in the hands of someone whom you have done a thorough check on.

Integrity Asia has more than twenty years of experience in providing compliance services, one of which is background check. Get to know your candidate thoroughly through our background check service.

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