How Asset Tracing Supports Your Recovery Efforts

asset tracing

How Asset Tracing Supports Your Recovery Efforts

asset tracingThe global economic downturn during the past six months of upheaval has led numerous businesses to face insolvency proceedings and bankruptcy. 

In the process of filing for insolvency or bankruptcy, the legal practitioners involved would need to find evidence, including assets owned by the companies. This is because this information is needed by the court to decide whether a company can be declared as insolvent or bankrupt. Hence, companies need to conduct asset tracing. 

Asset tracing is a part of the financial investigation that involves tracing and identifying the assets of a particular entity or individual. Asset tracing could be a daunting task which takes time, energy, and particular skills. It is not suggested that companies conduct the tracing by themselves.

Integrity Indonesia has extensive experience in tracing the assets of individuals and companies. Commonly traced assets are:

  • Vehicles;
  • Real estates, factories, land;
  • Possessions;
  • Business Interests; and
  • Company assets.

Our investigators provide crucial information to the legal teams working to trace assets through desktop searches and extensive field enquiries. 

Contact us for detailed information on how our Asset Tracing Services and other Due Diligence Services could help your needs and requirements.




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