13-Years Lecturer Was Found Faking His Degree

13-Years Lecturer Was Found Faking His Degree

St Xavier’s Technical Institute, a well-known technical college in Mahim, India, filed a police complaint against a lecturer, who has been working for the institution for the past 13 years for allegedly submitting a fake mark sheet. According to Mumbai Mirror, the incident started when the lecturer, Manish Khobrage, complained about the promotion of the institute’s principal, Dr. Shivaji B. Ghungrad.

Khobrage thought that he was up for a promotion since he joined as a lecturer since 8 March 2016. Ghungrad then asked Khobrage to submit his original documents related to education qualification for promotion purposes. However, Khobrage refused, citing reasons that made the campus suspicious. After a few days, Khobrage finally submitted the necessary documents. The documents were sent to Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University (SRTMU), the concerned university, for verification.

After the verification process, the university stated that the document was fake. The original second, third, and final year assessment sheets submitted by Khobrage to the campus were tampered. A discrepancy was found in the certificate, the term ‘TE’ (third year of engineering) was changed to ‘BE’ (bachelor of engineering).

Ghungrad deplored Khobrage’s fraudulent actions against the institution. Ghungrad said that Khobrage was not only deceiving the institution but also compromising the future of the students. To date, the institution has received around 200 complaints from students expressing dissatisfaction with Khobrage’s teaching. Apart from destroying the reputation of the campus, the course materials received by students could not be accounted for, considering Khobrage’s fake title. 

Khobrage’s case proves that checking educational background before accepting candidates is a very crucial step in the overall hiring process. To prevent the same situation, corporations and institutions must apply educational background checks for each candidate. Institutions must also remember that verification of educational backgrounds must be done through one door as confirmations made through several methods are difficult for the authorities to monitor. Data validation may be erroneous.

Through one-door verification such as our web-based academic certificate checking system, Education Verification, data errors can be minimized. In addition, the reputation of educational institutions can be maintained since data checking is carried out by an authorized person. Contact us today for more information about education verification.




Written by: Anen

Image by Matthew Everard from Pixabay

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