How skip tracing can help law firms

skip tracing

How skip tracing can help law firms

In almost every case, law firms would need to locate people who are avoiding cases. However, this is not easy. Plus, it is difficult to get people to cooperate and be willing to be involved in a legal case. Therefore, skip tracing is needed.

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is a method to track down and locate individuals who have intentionally disappeared from being involved in a legal case or financial obligation. In legal cases, it can be used to locate perpetrators, witnesses, individuals avoiding a creditor and other interested parties related to legal procedures.

There are many methods of skip tracing that are used by investigators. The most basic way is to contact the subject’s third parties, such as family, spouse, relatives, friends, colleagues, and so on. Information can also be obtained by going through the subject’s social media accounts. With advances in technology, investigators can track the subject’s posts from their social media and obtain valuable information from the photos that have been uploaded. Other sources of information for skip tracing include criminal background checks, credit reports, utility bills, travel records, employment history, and much more.

How does Skip Tracing help law firms?

Lawsuits do not only involve filing multiple Police Investigation Reports, but also include witnesses from people appointed by the law firm to prove facts. If a law firm is unable to provide witnesses as evidence in court, it is unlikely that the case would be resolved. This situation can be avoided by using skip tracing.

In addition, most law firms may face time constraints. Lawyers are usually busy arranging the details of their case. They usually lack the time to search for the data to find witnesses or other defendants. Therefore, to get all the necessary information, hiring investigators to do skip tracing and gather witnesses in court is essential.

Integrity Indonesia, with more than a decade of experience has helped many companies to track individuals. With the skip tracing service, our team will check all the information provided by the client, investigate and find evidence with various methods to locate the individuals. Contact us today, for more information on how skip tracing can help your company.


Written by: Aqilla N

Image by piviso from Pixabay

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