Ways Litigation Support Work in Assisting Your Law Firm

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Ways Litigation Support Work in Assisting Your Law Firm

Some court cases often take a considerable amount of time and could often result in failure due to the lack of required resources. This lack of evidence could possibly make the client fail to win their cases. Therefore, lawyers are always looking for ways to provide solutions and their best efforts for clients so that they are not disappointed with the lawyers’ performance.

An effective effort to solve the problem is to use litigation support services. Reporting from Wisegeek.com, litigation support is defined as “the process of providing consultancy services and support to lawyers or others in connection with current and pending cases.” Litigation support services can include legal research, property valuation, determining the extent of damage caused by an accident or injury, and forensic accounting services to track fraud, waste, and misuse of financial activities.

How does it work in assisting lawyers?

  • Easier to manage electronic data

In the era of rapidly developing technological advancements, a lot of information and data are stored through digital or electronic methods. With the IT system help from litigation support, the level of data accuracy will be maximized, and the team will have faster access to all documents because it has been stored in digital form.

  • Reduce costs incurred

In situations where there are not enough resources and training needed to help clients and witnesses in cases, instead of budgeting for this, litigation support services are more effective in helping legal cases without the need to add substantial costs to internal assets.

  • Flexibility

In addition to saving costs, using litigation support services can also shorten the time it takes to process cases. The investigation process can run more efficiently, thereby making it possible for lawyers to take action that is far more proactive for legal practice. Lawyers can also devote more time to their clients or even assist new clients. All this can be done with the help of litigation support.

Integrity Indonesia as a trusted and experienced partner to law firms, provides litigation support services as we have the expertise to investigate cases, find and interview witnesses and find supporting evidence. By using digital forensic methods, materials found in digital devices can be investigated, validated, and recovered to reconstruct past events. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


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