Book Review: Internet Fraud Casebook: The World Wide Web of Deceit

internet fraud casebook

Book Review: Internet Fraud Casebook: The World Wide Web of Deceit

internet fraud casebookInternet Fraud Casebook: The World Wide Web of Deceit is a book that compiles real cases of internet frauds authored by real fraud investigators. Through handpicking and editing by Joseph T. Well, the compiled cases are relevant and easy to read.

There are forty-one cases, including phishing, ID theft, counterfeiting, romance scam, and others. Each story tells how certain perpetrators pull tricks on their victims and how the investigator solves the case. This book gets readers to dive in the tremendous creativity of criminals’ minds. Each story is completed with a lesson learned and preventive efforts, and this makes this book a valuable source of insights for business, fraud examiner, and consumers.

One of the stories presented in this book is titled The Broken Nest Egg, which is authored by David Alan White, Ph.D., CFE, a law enforcement officer with 23 years of experience. This chapter tells readers how a phishing actor deceived his victim with ‘Nigerian frauds.’ The ‘Nigerian frauds’ itself is common phishing we encounter in our daily life, yet people keep falling as victims.

There is also a case of romance scam in the chapter of From Russia with Love, which is authored by Ernesto F. Rojas, the founder, and president of Forensic & Security Service Inc. – A firm specializing in electronic forensic investigation. A romance scam has been on the rise in line with the rising popularity of dating app. This chapter tells the reader how a con artist made her victim believe in her love to him and took advantage of him.

In this book, there are other fraud cases we commonly encounter or might have experienced. This book brings awareness to readers that nothing is safe on the internet, so readers need to be extra cautious when doing anything online.




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