2 Effective tools for maintaining safety at workplace

safety at workplace

2 Effective tools for maintaining safety at workplace

safety at workplaceA few months ago, a huge case in Indonesia occurred. The case involved a member of the Workers Social Security Agency, who was accused by one of his assistants of conducting sexual harassment. In the past, issues related to sexual harassment were rarely brought up and discussed openly, especially since these issues negatively impact a company’s image. Nowadays, many companies and organizations consider sexual harassment as unacceptable behavior in the workplace. Hence, they tackle this openly to protect their assets.

How preventive measures work

In order to avoid such an adverse incident, it is critical for a company to take preventive measures by conducting pre-employment screening. The screening involves a variety of checks designed to verify candidates’ background information, such as criminal and litigation, educational background, reference, and even their past performance in the previous company. A criminal check is actually the first stage to pre-screen candidates. For further check, a comprehensive media search may be conducted to identify the personal habits of a candidate and highlight behaviors that can raise serious concerns in the workplace. An employment check with previous employers is compulsory. We can obtain the information directly from the Human Resources Department as they can release both adverse and favorable information about a candidate. Lastly, a reference check must be conducted. The direct former superior should be the ‘closest’ person to the candidate and is expected to know information about work performance, competence and the candidate’s behavior better than other colleagues.

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Maintaining the safety of the workplace

Preventive measure should not cease once the candidates become employees. The company should maintain the safety of the workplace by conducting post-hire screenings. More commonly known as continuous monitoring, post-hire screenings are as important as pre-hiring as it provides employers with a valuable tool to best evaluate the risks of threats from insiders (such as harassment, embezzlement, fraud, and/or theft) and ensure that they place the right employees at the right positions. Both pre-employment and post-hire screenings are important and proven to be effective measures in minimizing risks. Integrity has been trusted by numerous of its clients as a mitigation solution provider. Should you need more detailed information about how screenings can work for your companies, do not hesitate to contact us.

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