How credit check guards your companies from fraud risks

Credit Check

How credit check guards your companies from fraud risks

Credit CheckA credit check is strongly advisable and even essential to be conducted to employees handling large amounts of cash or other kinds of financial transactions, bookkeeping, or the management of company accounts.

Some companies even evaluate the credit history of their employees on a regular basis, especially in the framework of evaluating promotions. Higher position means greater risk. Ensuring an employee has a healthy credit record minimizes the risk.

An employer may choose to conduct a credit check to examine a candidate’s credit history (record of debt payment), financial ability, and lifestyle by studying how the candidate spends his/her money. The credit history shows the usage of credit cards and credit in other financial institutions, i.e., mortgage and car loan from private leasing companies.

Conducting a credit check is relatively considered sensitive to some potential candidates. Hence, a consent letter is required prior to the check. Employers should provide a clear notice in advance, with the purpose of informing that the check is a part of the hiring process.

Does a credit check to influence the decision-making process in hiring a candidate?

It is your call to decide. However, any candidate involved in debt or facing an untenable mortgage payoff could be susceptible to unlawful temptations.

Integrity has been trusted by our clients for years to conduct professional credit checks on their potential candidates or existing employees and to provide comprehensive analytical reports. By having all the facts at your disposal, you will be more well-prepared in making hiring decisions and ensuring that your companies are less susceptible to any potential fraud risk. For further information about credit checks and other mitigation solutions, please contact us via




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