Reasons why people falsify their identity


Reasons why people falsify their identity

identityIn April, Indonesia will be conducting an election to choose its new president and vice president to hold public office in the next five years. During this political event, some people are willing to falsify their ID cards for political interest. Some may produce a few IDs under one citizen and use them to vote in different districts.

In other cases, people falsify their ID just to obtain a driving license, or police clearance report, apply for credit card, open a new bank account, etc. Others resort to identity theft. Usually, the person whose identity has been stolen suffers adverse consequences, especially when held liable for the perpetrator’s actions.

When you bring in someone into your organization, you want to be certain that his or her identity is valid by checking the authenticity of the ID Card. This is to ensure that provided information such as the date of birth and residential address of prospective employees is indeed registered at their respective district offices.

Since we live in an age in which identity theft is widespread, verification of an applicant’s identity is a fairly simple step that will help alleviate concerns of a misappropriated, mistaken, or outright stolen identity.

You don’t need to be an expert to check for an ID. A simple step by accessing public information can be done. If somehow, you could not find their name in the database, do not immediately conclude that they have falsified their ID. A field visit can be conducted at the institution for further verification. This step is essential to secure and maintain a trusted environment at work.



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