Continuous monitoring is an important emerging screening tool

continues monitoring

Continuous monitoring is an important emerging screening tool

continues monitoringMost companies usually only screen their employees once during the pre-hiring stage to ensure that data provided in the resume / CV such as ID, residential address, education, and employment history are accurate.

Post-hire screening or more popular as Continuous Monitoring is as important as pre-hiring as it provides employers with a valuable tool to best evaluate their risks of insider threat, embezzlement, fraud, and/or theft and ensure that they placed the right employees at the right positions.

Continuous Monitoring is a screening conducted of existing employees on a regular basis. This is done to identify potential changes in the status of personal information, background, and lifestyle of the employees.

Today, Continuous Monitoring is applied when considering a staff promotion or in terms of employment change status from outsourcing to direct hiring and direct hiring to permanent employment.

Media search, residential, criminal, bankruptcy, and emergency contact verification are types of mandatory checks to be repeated regularly. Credit check may show a red flag on financial behaviour. Meanwhile, checks on group sanction and reverse directorship are more comprehensive.

For some positions such as a pilot or driver, having a regular drug test is considered very important to promote and uphold a safe working environment as well as prevent accidents.

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