Celebrating The Seventeenth Anniversary Of Integrity Asia In Annual Company Outing 2018

Celebrating The Seventeenth Anniversary Of Integrity Asia In Annual Company Outing 2018

On 24-27 October 2018, Integrity Asia held another annual event for all employees as a part of celebrating Integrity Asia’s seventeenth anniversary at the same time. This year, we had more participants from various countries; Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Located in Batu & Malang, East Java (Indonesia), all employees did many exciting activities together during four days, including city tours to various tourist destinations in Batu & Malang, followed by Bromo adventure by visiting the place to catch the sunrise, the Whispering Sands, the Savanna, the Teletubbies Hill, and the climb to the crater of Bromo. To build teamwork and improve communication between employees, we held a teambuilding activity with the theme ‘Jungle Survival’ at Coban Rondo. Lastly, we held a fantastic Gala Dinner to celebrate seventeen anniversary of Integrity Asia as a closing event.

On the third night, we had a gala dinner with scrumptious food to pamper our team at Jambuluwuk Convention Hall & Resort. Our Managing Director, Mr. Edouard Helfand delivered a speech conveying company’s development and achievement from 2018 with one of the short term plans to open new office at Surabaya, East Java.

At the same time, company also gave the “Catch Me At My Best Award” and also a new category “Research & Development Award” to some employees elected to appreciate their tireless contribution, performance, and innovation. To enliven the atmosphere, the event planner requested all employees to wear a costume with theme: profession from around the world. There are also a winner announcement of the photography contest, fun games (dance balloon), costume competition, and talent show from employees that made the event more lively.

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