Digital Identity, Alibaba’s Serious Step to Fight Counterfeit Branded Products


Digital Identity, Alibaba’s Serious Step to Fight Counterfeit Branded Products

China’s giant e-Commerce, Alibaba is taking a more serious step in combating the distribution of counterfeit branded products on its platform. last year formed the Alibaba Big Data Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance, then in the middle of this year, Alibaba invested in Smartrac Technology Group.

Smartrac is one of the leading vendors of RFID products and IoT solutions that provide ready-made and customized offers. The company ensures its products are smart and prioritizes businesses that allow it to identify, authenticate, track, and complete products and solutions.

Christian Uhl, CEO and Chair of the Management Board, Smartrac Technology Group on their company’s official website stated: “We are honored by Alibaba’s belief that our technological expertise will provide brand and consumer authentication products and the best-in-class customer experience solutions.”

This IoT Solution company will create and inlay a unique digital identity into every product made by a brand on a large scale. Smartrac also affirms that the digital identity of this product can only be issued by the brand, cannot be forged, copied, stolen or lost.

The company offers technology that allows brands to have full control and visibility of each original product over its lifetime. Brand owners will also easily deliver exclusive and dynamic content to their customers to help grow customer engagement, loyalty and satisfaction just by tapping on the mobile screen. As part of this collaboration Michael Evans, President of Alibaba Group, will join the Smartrac Supervisory Board.



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