A Threat to Corporate Brands, These are 4 Tips to Prevent Fraud Recruitment

recruitment fraud

A Threat to Corporate Brands, These are 4 Tips to Prevent Fraud Recruitment

fraudFraud recruitment is a method of fraud to take the victim’s personal data or money by opening a fictitious job vacancy. What are the common modes?

– Request personal bank account information for various reasons, for example:

  • Pay for training material
  • Open a company account for direct deposit
  • Pay travel expenses for interviews

– Request money directly for various reasons.

– Entering viruses or malware onto the victim’s computer or device through links or attachments on job vacancies.

– Encourage potential victims to enter fake accounts and fill in the data themselves. The data is then stored and misused by the fraudsters.

Fraud recruitment not only harms job seekers but also companies whose names are used. Companies’ brands are potentially damaged and companies lose potential candidates. Generally, bigger and bonafide companies are exposed to greater risk.


So, what can a company do to prevent this fraud?

  1. Make a section on the website to warning the potential applicants that the company never request bank information, money or other similar things.
  2. Explain the process of applying for a job, including the company’s official website used, the URL and company email suffix.
  3. Only use the official email address to communicate with applicants. Tell applicants that if there is an email on behalf of the company using personal email – Gmail, Ymail, or Hotmail applicants need to be vigilant.
  4. Provide a whistleblowing hotline or means for applicants to report the possibility of fraud recruitment on behalf of the company.


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