Employee Background Check: Do not Believe Resume Without Reference Check

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Employee Background Check: Do not Believe Resume Without Reference Check

background checkFor professional recruiters, the first rule in the recruitment process is reading the candidate’s CV or resume with pessimism. Resumes are not always honest. According to CareerBuilder survey data, 58% of recruitment managers say they find lies on resume applications. Therefore, background check needs to be done.

Reference Check as Part of Background Check

One of the main components of a background check is a reference check. Reference checks aim to confirm the information available on a candidate’s resume by contacting and interviewing previous employers, educational institutions, and other relevant sources.

From the reference check, employers can confirm whether the candidate’s skills, knowledge, and abilities match those claimed on the CV or resume.

What needs to be validated by reference check?

Recruiters can start by verifying details about the candidate’s employment duration, job titles, and academic qualifications. For a more comprehensive evaluation, they can interview references from the candidate’s previous employers to gain insights into their skills, qualifications, and capabilities during their tenure.

When conducting these interviews, it’s important to ask open-ended questions rather than those that can be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ This approach encourages the reference to provide detailed accounts of their experiences working with the candidate.

Third party involvement recommended

Why involve a professional third party in the background check process? Third parties, such as Integrity Indonesia, are able to collect information objectively which allows companies to evaluate the skills and quality of candidates based on the standard job description. In addition, the background check experience of professional recruiters allows them to have a wide network to add references and good communication skills so that they can dig up maximum information.

By involving a third party, companies can get more objective and thorough results. Third-party recruiters have structured methods and extensive experience in conducting background checks, so companies can be more confident in making hiring decisions. For more information about our background check and compliance services, contact us at contact@integrity-indonesia.com or click here.


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