Difficult And Costly Recruitment? This is How Your Company’s Brand Affects Recruitment


Difficult And Costly Recruitment? This is How Your Company’s Brand Affects Recruitment

Opening recruitment is as easy as snapping a finger on the smartphone screen. The next stage is the so-called ‘talent war.’ The company is maybe getting potential applicants, but during the final interview, the candidates usually cancel. Hearsay, candidates are already working in the company’s competitor.

Recruiting and retaining the company’s best employees has always been a challenge. But, in the increasingly fierce job market competition and the highly developed technology, the challenge level has increased.

According to Sajid H Shah, CEO JobsMarkt, in an interview with HRTechnologist said that company’s brand was very helpful in recruiting and retaining employees in the midst of fierce competition. A company with a positive brand reputation saves more effort and cost in recruitment, takes less time to fill vacancies and tends to attract high-profile candidates.

How does the brand play a role throughout the recruitment process? Here are three stages of recruitment that are influenced by the company’s brand.


1. Reputation

An important element of a brand is reputation. What the candidates hear and read is their initial impression of the company. If there is a negative talk about the company in social media, some candidates who might had been interested in applying would be discouraged. Therefore, it is important to monitor and respond to online reviews. The best scenario is to make sure that there are far more positive reviews than negative. It is important to maintain the company’s brand reputation and invite employees to work together to become ambassadors of the company.


2. Career and salary offerings

The reputation of a positive and reputable brand is also represented by an attractive offering package and determines the success of recruitment. Does the offer package include a competitive salary? Benefit interesting? If not, it is unlikely that a company can recruit the best candidates and even tarnish the company’s brand. If on the contrary, the recruitment will be more likely successful in the future.


3. Corporate culture

Corporate culture is also a vital component of the company’s brand. For example, if your company is known for its flexibility work arrangement or strong brother/sisterhoods among the employees, such benefit is very helpful in attracting candidates and solidifying the company’s recruitment efforts.








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