6 Myths in Recruitment


6 Myths in Recruitment

There are many myths still held firm by recruiters or HRDs that avoid them to get the best human resources. What are the myths? Here are some of them.


1. Recruitment is not required by small scale companies

This myth is often held firmly by small companies or companies that just start businesses, such as startups. In fact, every individual employee affects the company’s success. If company is unwilling to take the time to recruit employees properly, there are likely to be failure in recruiting the right employees resulting in poor performance, wasteful time and cost, and even down profits.


2. There are perfect candidates

In fact, no candidate is perfect in accordance with the needs and salaries offered by the companies. When searching for the perfect candidate, the key is the matching culture and goals associated with a given job. A candidate may be very talented, but if  he/she doesn’t posses good character and attitude, he/she will be difficult to adapt or even completely detached to the company.


3. The duration of the candidate experience is the true core of competence metrics and should be taken seriously by each recruiter.

It should not be like that. What the recruiters need to keep in mind is always to choose the quality over quantity. For example, a recruiter is required to recruit candidates with requirement 5 years of experience. But, the candidate available only has 4 years experience, will the recruiters give it a chance?

Just because a candidate has 5 years experience in a particular field doesn’t mean he/she’s being more responsible and experienced than he/she who’s employed in a small company for 3 years. Candidate who works 3 years in small company may already exposed to more problems and responsibilities than who are 5 years experienced in large company.


4.Always negotiate the lowest possible salary

If you want to recruit high quality candidates, offering the lowest salary is not a smart move. A qualified candidate usually knows how well he or she deserves the value for the job and profession. There might be candidates who will accept the lowest value, but in the end the will try to find much better opportunities out there.


5.Pre-employment screening is not always needed

CareerBuilder survey results showed that 75% of job assignments to the wrong people and the wrong decisions gave impact to their business. As many as 37% of the employers acknowledged the impact occurred because the candidates lie about their qualifications. The data should be enough reason for companies to always do pre-employment screening to avoid such wrong decision.


6.Robot will replace human role in recruitment

In the next few years artificial intelligence will take over human tasks in recruitment. But, not all tasks. Only tasks that are repetitive and can be automated. Humans are still needed as an analyst and decision maker. So, robots will replace humans’ role is a myth.








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