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Established in Indonesia since 2001, Integrity Indonesia protects the integrity of its clients by providing them with unmatched expertise and experience in fighting the whole range of internal and external fraudulent activities: white-collar crime, embezzlement, counterfeiting, tampering & parallel distribution, theft, insurance fraud, etc. Integrity Indonesia organizes its service around three areas of expertise: Prevention, Detection & Investigation.

Integrity Indonesia provides services such as fraud risk assessments, compliance audits & consulting, security audits & consulting, but also provides solutions such as pre-employment screenings, background checks on potential suppliers, clients or partners, investigative due diligence services, research on market threats and opportunities, barriers to investment, main players, networks and reputation. Integrity Indonesia provides solutions to cover the organization’s loopholes in management in accordance to both International and Indonesian legal, cultural and managerial requirements and standards.

Integrity Indonesia provides services such as background checks on employees, current suppliers, clients or partners, mystery shopping, market surveys, compliance audits, physical and digital surveillance and monitoring activities. Integrity Indonesia also provides tools such as whistleblower hotlines, which are among the most effective detection and warning systems. Detection tools also have a deterrence function.

When preliminary information suggest that a fraud has occurred, Integrity Indonesia conducts investigations which include the whole range of fraud investigations, insurance claims investigations, intellectual property investigations, asset tracing, skip tracing, process serving and computer forensic work.


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